Starting the Run

In this section, you will program the run to stop at a simulation

time of 0.1 hours.

Tip You can use the Run Control toolbar to control the

simulation run and view the simulation and diagnostic messages. In

addition to these buttons, more commands are available from the

Run menu.

To set the stop point:

1. From the Run menu, click Pause At, which displays the Pause

Time dialog box.

2. In the Pause Time dialog box, select Pause at Time and type

0.1 in the box:

3. Click OK to accept the change.

4. From the Run Control toolbar, click the Run button to

start the simulation.

The run begins. Observe the behavior of your plot as the run

executes. Because the simulation started with a steady-state

result from Aspen Plus, and you have not yet simulated a

disturbance, the plot shows that the variables remain at steady-


3-8•Tutorial 3 - Running the Dynamic Simulation Getting Started Guide

The run stops at a simulation time of 0.1 hours and the Run

Complete dialog box appears:

5. Click OK to continue.

The plot that appears is similar to this:

In the Faceplate window, you can see that the steady-state phenol

flowrate (Controller Output) is still 1515 lbmol/hr, which is

consistent with the Aspen Plus results, and the PV value is stable at


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